Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random thoughts

I officially turned 21 on August 21 and so far it's been fabulous. Meanwhile, I was watching The Rachel Zoe Project today and I always tell myself, "I'm only going to watch a little bit of it and return to doing homework." Well, I swear she gets me every single time. Her lifestyle is so crazy. I love her sense of style and over-dramatic personality. She makes me want to start my own styling company, aside from everything else I want to do. One thing is for sure though, time is clicking.

My new puchase moment
I recently got a simple BCBGeneration sweater at my work place and I love it; it goes with almost everything in my closet.


  1. I love your hair!! It's absolutely fabulous.

  2. Haaa! She totally reminds me of you! :) You should do it! FTW!

  3. Cute outfit Elrica. And we can definitely do a shoot. Just LMK. :D

  4. i love your outfits.
    hope you keep posting : )

  5. cute outfit! i'm love that sweater. =D