Friday, March 5, 2010

Tell me when you hear my heart stop

Whenever I think of the Twilight series, I think of Lykke Li. I absolutely love her music. I find her relaxing and calm, good for keeping me sane. I love anything that has a soulful edge to it, none of that rowdy and nonsense crap. I love rappers and singers that speak with meaningful lyrics and a poetic flow, a little quirkiness is always great as well. Listening to them is so refreshing to me, it never gets boring. They remind me of people that don't give a crap about what others think; those are the type of people I would consider "cool" because most of the time I find myself so self-absorbed. I definitely don't find that as a bad quality though, I am after all, a fashion student. I feel almost everyone around me is just as self-absorbed. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself, you just can't be selfish.


  1. Yeah, Lykke Li is pretty bomb. I like this song a lot too, b/c it does soothe & calm my soul. (: & Twilight forsure, though!

  2. I've heard hear a year and a half ago. And my number of plays on her album has reached 700. haha. You should hear her live, she's very very good live.

  3. I also love this music video of hers: Little Bit.