Monday, March 29, 2010

Shine on...

I felt a little inspired by some slow rock music today.

Black sheer zip up hoodie- Charlotte Outlet, Graphic dress & shoes- Wet Seal, Leggings- Target(merona), Bracelets- Express, Necklace- Forever21

Jets- Shine on
That if the moon had to runaway
And all the stars didn't wanna play
Don't waste the sun on a rainy day
The wind will soon blow it all away
yeah oh yeah

When the days all feel the same
Don't feel the cold or wind or rain
Everything will be okay
We will meet again one day
I will shine on, for everyone

Friday, March 26, 2010

Gone with the wind

I haven't blogged for a few weeks. I've been extremely busy with school and work but my Spring break officially started earlier today; a great relief. Now I can finally catch up with everything else in life. Taking a breather and perhaps rewarding myself for an awesome school quarter.

Lately, I've notice that my sense of taste and style has been a bit more tailored and suited. I think it might be time to start building a more sophisticated wardrobe, definitely need to start looking more presentable. I hate growing up, I still like playing hopscotch. :(

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A bit of twinkle in my soul

Blogging my boring night away...

It's funny when the only time we actually think about things that matter to us is when we are bored out of our minds, well I mainly speak for myself.

Never the less, as Spring arrives, I am preparing myself for the new opportunities heading my way. I am super thankful for the people I've met these past years, they truly are the building blocks to my "hopefully" successful future. I am now at a phase where I'll take on any opportunity given to me. I strongly believe that when one thing doesn't work out for you, you move on, meet new faces, and sooner or later new faces will lead to something better. Everything truly happens for a reason and in my case, fate has been wonderful to me.

Let the fun begin...
I toast to myself =D

Dress- WS, Boots- VS catalog, Accessories- Express, Purse- Forever love, Stockings- Vera Wang JCP.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tell me when you hear my heart stop

Whenever I think of the Twilight series, I think of Lykke Li. I absolutely love her music. I find her relaxing and calm, good for keeping me sane. I love anything that has a soulful edge to it, none of that rowdy and nonsense crap. I love rappers and singers that speak with meaningful lyrics and a poetic flow, a little quirkiness is always great as well. Listening to them is so refreshing to me, it never gets boring. They remind me of people that don't give a crap about what others think; those are the type of people I would consider "cool" because most of the time I find myself so self-absorbed. I definitely don't find that as a bad quality though, I am after all, a fashion student. I feel almost everyone around me is just as self-absorbed. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself, you just can't be selfish.