Monday, January 4, 2010

Rodarte for Target

You can't go wrong with these colors.
If you don't already know Rodarte has an awesome line for Target this season. I love it. I was never too fond of the Isaac Mizrahi line, only because it was not my style, but Kate and Laura Mulleavy really captured the essence of modern vintage, which I admire. I really hope these clothes look as great in person as they do on picture. I am so behind sometimes when it comes to designers opening a line for a budget/moderate store. Let's just hope they have my size in stock when i get there (not anytime soon). Either way, I think this is great for Target.

If you don't shop at Target, maybe you should reconsider. Well I wouldn't blame you for shopping at Walmart either (Miley Cyrus does have a cute little line there), but in my opinion Target has a better variety of clothes overall.

Dakota Fanning wearing Rodarte in Teen Vogue

Moving on....
You have to focus on your dreams, even if they go beyond common sense.” Anna Sui.
I'm taking this to the heart because it's going to be a tough road to success, but like everyone always says "if you truly want something, you have to do whatever it takes."


  1. lol, yesterday i was meaning to post a blog about Rodarte's line for Target :) I haven't checked out the line yet, but so far -- looks good. Better than some designer's affordable line. Dakota Fanning looks gorgeous and grew up so much. i was checking her out yesterday on Teen Vogue while i was shopping. too bad i don't read TV as much anymore. lol. ahh well. (: The colours do look great; bold & glam, soft and romantic <3
    Nice blog.

  2. I'm a regular Target shopper, and I don't really like Isaac's line for Target either. Rodarte's line is cute, but I know I can't pull it off with their designs.

  3. I wanted that yellow dress with bow shoulders very much but forgot about checking it out till too late. I ended up getting that fushia tulle top which i love. I like your blog girl! check out mine.